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Dan Bugariu

Smart City Association
Dan is architecting growth for professionals, tech startups and open cities.

- software development (+15y), software architecture (+10y)
- entrepreneurship and business development (+20y)
- urban ecosystems development (+5y)
- smart city solutions (+10y)
- OGP (+9y)
- tech startups investment (+3y)
- tech & business consultant (+15y)

Interested to discuss about:
- OGP (open data, participation, OGP Local)
- digitalization & smart city
- growth models, methods & metrics for cities, companies and citizens

Projects (founded, co-founded, coordinated):
- Growceanu.com
- mysmartcity.ro
- UpgradeMyCity.com
- FABER.ro
- Ulpia.me
Tuesday, October 11

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Wednesday, October 12

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