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Marieva Favoino

PAsocial / OGP Italy MSF
national board / CSOs' spokesperson

I'm an italian civil servant working at the local level, I am a public journalist and communicator. I take part in the Summit as CSOs' spokesperson of the Italian OGP multistakeholder forum.
In the last 10 years or so i've been working as a civil servant on PA digital transformation and participatory budgeting (with online voting) and I've took action, as a civic hacker, on data for good projects, to cope with national emergencies in Italy (hearthquakes, covid19, support actions for Ukrainian refugees)

My focus at the OGP global summit
  • inclusive and transparent digital transformation in public administrations (transparency of algorithms)
  • civichacking projects (collaboration btw citizens and PA)
  • public digital communication (to keep the digital public arena safe for everyone and to practice data-driven public administrations accountability on a daily basis)
  • intersectionality in the civic space and in gov.al decision making through data (tackle matrix of power in data driven d-m)