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Asha Allen

Center for Democracy and Technology
Advocacy Director for Europe, Online Expression & Civic Space
Brussels, Belgium

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Asha Allen serves as Advocacy Director for Europe, Online Expression & Civic Space at CDT Europe Office in Brussels, where she leads their work on issues at the intersection of online expression, civic engagement, and technology. Asha’s work focuses on advocating for the preservation of fundamental rights in European Union/Regional legislation, and democratic accountability in industry content policies, leading advocacy on legislative files such as the EU Digital Services Act and European Democracy Action Plan.

Asha is an intersectional digital rights advocate and award-nominated policy expert in combating online gender based violence, having worked on projects with the United Nations, Council of Europe and OSCE. She coordinated the #HerNetHerRights II campaign which aimed to increase women’s safety and participation online during the European elections, reaching over 3 million people. In her spare time, Asha is one of six women who front the Who Writes the Rules Campaign, which advocates for increased participation of women of colour in EU policy making and the tech industry.