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Liana Doydoyan

Freedom of Information Center of Armenia
FOI expert
Ms. Liana Doydoyan, is one of the founder members of the Freedom of Information Center of Armenia since 2001. She, as a FOICA expert has been involved in the FOICA’s projects related to FOI, anticorruption, Open Government Partnership, etc. Ms. Liana Doydoyan, as a FOI Expert, is included in the working group to coordinate the works stipulated under the Action Plan of the participation of Armenia in the Open Government Partnership according to the Prime Minister's decree.

Doydoyan was also involved in providing advisory and expertise in the content development process of the new Anticorruption Strategy of the Republic of Armenia (2009-2012), as well as developing the sections of the Strategy. In September 2011 and in March 2015, she represented Armenian civil society in ACN Steering Group Meeting, OECD in Paris, France, where she presented the FOICA’s Report on the ACN Monitoring Report on Armenia.